Stop Waiting for your Backend Developers

the Old Way:

the New Way:

Get to Market Faster by Increasing Developer Velocity

Allow your frontend developers to iterate quickly to meet your milestones, without having to request changes on your backend for every new feature and spend weeks waiting for resources. Our low code data gateway lets you eliminate boilerplate, and focus on your unique business logic

Supports every major platform

We have clients available for the web, iOS, and Android. Summation is open source, so there's no vendor lock-in either.

Secure by Default

We authenticate your users with JWT, and only allow queries which have been first whitelisted in development, or added to your Git repo. Credentials are encrypted, and never exposed in your clients.


Unleash the full power of SQL directly from your apps, to any of a dozen supported databases/warehouses. Pass in parameters or refer to a JWT value to bind queries to the logged-in user.


Prefer a higher-level ORM for your database? No problem, we've got you covered.


Connect to any REST API directly from your apps, both internal and 3rd-party, with support for multiple authentication methods.

Use the languages your team already knows

import Summation from 'summation_web_client'; //initialize the connection const gateway = new Summation({ gateway_url: YOUR_GATEWAY_URL, token: USER_TOKEN, gateway_token: GATEWAY_TOKEN, default_database: "YOUR_DATABASE_NAME" }); //SQL mode var results = gateway.query("SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=:id", {id: 4}, "YOUR_DATABASE_NAME"); //ORM mode gateway.create("orders", {name: 'test order', 'value': 57.63});

Built-In Integrations to Automate your Workflow

We get it - change is hard. Our integrations allow you to get started quickly, and deliver value in minutes, not weeks.

Supports every major database & data warehouse

Works in the cloud, or on-premise

Integrates with Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket